台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
25 November 2030 @ 09:16 pm
Happy with how I play her? No? Tell me how I'm doing, even if it's just a tiny habit that bothers you or a little error I made with Taiwan's history or culture. I'd really appreciate it. Also! Due to the nature of her canon, if you'd rather not be tagged by me, please say so here.

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country name The Republic of China (中華民國) a.k.a. Taiwan (台灣)
human name Xiaomei Lin (林曉梅)
age appears to be in her teens, in reality around almost 400 years
birthday October 10 (Double Ten Day) or October 25 (Retrocession from Japan)
hair color black or dark brown
eye color pink; in more recent material, yellow
height around 145cm/4'11"
weight We don't talk about this.

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player yana | [personal profile] yanyan | [ profile] konbini
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
24 November 2030 @ 12:16 am

台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
24 November 2030 @ 12:14 am
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台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
23 November 2030 @ 12:15 am
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台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
22 November 2030 @ 09:14 pm

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台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
05 December 2011 @ 02:15 am

[ Tiny Taiwan is walking around or on top of a ladder covered in Christmas lights and tinsel as attempts to hang them on the front of her house at 1245 Williams Road. On one hand, she looks like she could use some help! On the other, she looks like she's having so much fun... She doesn't celebrate Christmas, not like this, but cold weather and recent events have gotten her in a Christmas mood.

The cafe isn't open around this time yet, but passerby may notice the sudden addition of a pair of plum blossom trees in her front yard. ]

Look, I'm a Christmas tree!

[ Chances are she's talking to Pops, Nadeko or Homura, who are inside the house, but feel free to approach her while she's decorating, too. ]


Hi, um, I have a question!

[ You can just tell this isn't important. She is all about the trivial things today. Oh well, they easily take her mind off the events of last week! ]

Are nations allowed to kiss each other? Is that okay? If your nation kissed another nation, would that be okay with you? [ A beat. ] What if they weren't a nation?

I really want to know! Because I don't want to not be a nation if it's not allowed... Thank you!

台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
07 November 2011 @ 06:42 pm

Hey! Mayfield's a town filled with cuties, isn't it? Yeah, cuties like you! But it's a shame we can't see those face forever, huh... Hmm, that's right, it's a really sad thought. It kind of made me cry, too, you know! But that's why, for a limited time, I'll be offering a special service to everyone! As of today, my photo studio is now open! I can preserve all your memories and stuff with my state-of-the-art equipment. Yeah! I'll make you look even prettier or more handsome, too. Just leave everything to me. I'm pretty good at this!

After having your pictures taken, be sure to stop by the cosplay cafe for a snack! Please don't make the employees uncomfortable, though, or I'll get really mad. Hehe, by the way, we're hiring, you know. So if you think you can do the job, just look for Taiwan, okay? You don't have to teleport or go in through the chimney or pick the lock on the door or break in through the window or anything, we'll just be outside... Oh, right, I need to fix that window! Anyway, if there aren't any questions, please stop by! Thank you!

action 1

[ Taiwan recently regained equipment to set up a photo studio in her own home, so outside the cosplay cafe, you'll also see a sign that says PHOTO STUDIO HERE along with a cheap price listing of the services available and some samples. Most photo samples look normal, but-

HOLD ON. Before you go ahead, here is what you should expect: photos like these or something like this. Aren't they nice...

Taiwan will be either at the cafe serving customers or in the garage-turned-photo studio, editing pictures, calibrating her equipment or practicing makeup on a drone. N-no, she just dragged them there... ]

action 2


[ Taiwan pats you on the back. She looks like she wants to play! But somehow, if you're intuitive enough, you'll get the feeling this is all part of a bigger plan... ]

action 3

[ It's getting crazy cold for this nation, so here is the return of Taiwan and her million layers of sweaters. Outside the music store, Taiwan's tiptoeing and looking through the glass window. There's a piano that she wants... If only she had the money! She sighs forlornly as she clutches her wallet with both hands. ]

Aiya... Well, I guess I'll just work even harder this month. I'll cut down on grocery expenses, too.
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
25 October 2011 @ 11:41 pm
action 1

[ You know, pod!Taiwan isn't very different from regular Taiwan. Same old, same old. She's always been this cheery. But then you cut in line somewhere, accidentally hit her somehow, take the last jello that was supposed to be hers, bump into her in the streets. ]

Ahhh! People are so rude nowadays. I'm tired of being ignored and looked down on, you know? "She's just one small island, what can she do?" "Oh, she's so cute, she wouldn't harm a fly!" Aiyo, don't be so judgmental! Hehe, well, I guess the last part is true. You're all flies, aren't you? Annoying pests. Small, insignificant, annoying pests! [ laughs...

She'll stomp on your foot, shove you aside, or eat that jello, thank you very much. Have a nice day!!! ]

action 2

[ If she catches you doing slacking off on the job or at school, as a concerned student and co-worker, she'll say this: ]

Slacking off again, aren't you? Mm, that's bad. You're stupid and good for nothing, though, so I guess it's okay. You can rot and die over there, if you want!

action 3

[ Oh my god Taiwan what are you doing with a kitchen knife. It's okay guys, this is the real Taiwan out looking for some pods to cut open. If your character wants to be saved by her, tag with the location of the pod, and if you feel like it, you can make her encounter the pod version of your character, too! Otherwise, if you have CR with her or you regularly go to school, the diner, the park or the cosplay cafe, she'll flag you down and ask: ]

Heeeey! Hey, you're not fake and stuff, right? [ Yeah, she's waving around... her knife...

There's a chance that they might bump into the same nation around town, looking less dangerous, but certainly without good intentions. ]

[ For actions 1, 2 and 3, the thread with Shiki will be chronologically last, since she'll be the one to kill pod!Taiwan. ]

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台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
26 September 2011 @ 09:10 pm
action 1
[ When the cherry blossoms disappear, Taiwan holds her breath. Japan always adored things that come and go so easily. Now he was one, too. She should've known better than to expect this the least. Watching his figure put on his coat and walk out the door, Taiwan knows it's not him. And stay out! Taiwan thinks as she slams the door shut. She feels like flicking his drone on the forehead for his remarks. "Be a good wife and make him dinner?" Ooh, the nerve! ... This makes her miss the real Japan already. Hm? What? She's not going to cry, that's silly. Even so, no matter how many times she's learned how to stand on her own, she can't help but feel abandoned. It's okay, though. Not that it hasn't happened before.

At the cafe, it's business as usual. Employees will find that there are no costumes for them to wear, though, if they don't already bring their own. Behind the counter isn't Japan typing away on his computer, but Taiwan, accounting everything by hand. She lifts her head up whenever a customer passes by. ]


[ With no makeup masking her troubled state, Taiwan quickly ducks back into her work again. She isn't even eating anything. She does try her best to put a smile on her face, though. Look! It's as if nothing happened at all. ]

action 2
[ Two siblings are walking around town together, but there's something odd about their dynamic today. ]

And he was like, "Ah, is that so." And then I was like, "Yes! Yes, it is so!" Ooh, but I tried and tried and he still wouldn't let me and I was so mad that I could... [ p-punches her palm ] hit him...! But I didn't 'cause I'd feel a little bad, you know. Oh! I was gonna say sorry for calling him a stupidhead today, but when I woke up and checked on him, all his stuff was gone! Just like that. It's not fair, you know, I mean- [ She waits for a witty, candid response, but nothing. Her voice is full of anger. ] Hey! [ Then worry. ] Hey, say something...

[ It goes on like this until Hong Kong's drone arrives at work. Very upset with this turn of events, Taiwan starts her walk home looking a little glum. She's not exactly looking where she's going, so she might bump into you, a drone or a pole. A detour she makes to the elementary school's playground is where others may find her hanging upside down on the monkey bars. ]

phone/action for 1245 williams road

Hello... Um, [ There's the sound of Taiwan wiping her face with her sleeve. ] um! [ She takes in a deep breath. ] Japan's... gone and stuff. If anyone wants to hit him, you don't have to, 'cause I already did. If anyone's worried about the cafe, I'm taking over, you know! I mean, until he comes back...

Ahaha, I feel a little dizzy! I think I'll go lie down now.

[ But she can't stay still! After the call, she'll be around the house, arranging all the clothes they have by color and sorting the records and books alphabetically. ]
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
05 September 2011 @ 10:43 pm
Um, um, how do you say this? ... What does it mean when you have a lot of magical potential? How do you use it?

And if someone were to hypothetically open up a secret establishment thing - hypothetically, okay! - where's a good place to set it up? [ yes as if it's not... obvious... ]

Also, if you're a quiet and mature blonde who likes skydiving, you should talk to me right away! Or if your name's um... [ oh but if she reads the name out loud, it will be too! obvious!!! ] ehehe, I think I'll look for this guy myself. That's all!

action 1
[ Someone's practicing her swings at the ball park again. Without Yamamoto around, it's been pretty lonely. But that! Is okay! Because pitching machines exist. Taiwan's a little out of it, though. Which is strange. Have a baseball flying at you right... now. ]

action 2
[ At the library, she's putting those books on making clothes to good use. On her sketchbook, she is drawing costumes and coloring them in while quietly humming pop songs, and maybe anime themes, yes... You might recognize some of them. ]

action 3
[ Returning to her house at 1245 Williams Road from... shenanigans, Taiwan gets to work in the kitchen to test the waters, so to speak. If she wants to open up a restaurant, the food has to be quality. What's that smell? Someone got a little too excited with making tonight's dinner. Seriously, this meal is fit for five kings! ... Four kings now, she supposes, without Chizuko around. Taiwan sets the last of her dishes down and gives herself an applause. ]

Yay, I did it! [ at like 5 pm ]

Oh no, I guess it's too early... Well, at least I'm done! Hehehe. [ Not that early. Feel free to follow the smell of chicken, pork and egg drop soup wafting out of the window. ]
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
03 September 2011 @ 01:45 am
[ There certainly isn't anything strange at all about this. I mean the bed is so soft and the smells are so sweet and everything feels so right, Taiwan doesn't want to get up. After sleeping for an extra five minutes, she has to force herself to rise. Someone's got to cook breakfast. Maybe she should stop being groggy, first... ]

Mm... Zao an, ah... [ pats her cheeks ] How are you, Taiwan? Well, you know me, I'm always one hundred percent okay, you know. Hehehe... [ so sleeeepy. Hm? Who's this next to her? Maybe they got lost or something. Oh well, time to wake them up. ]

[ shakes his shoulder ] Mister, wake up, wake u - ah, good morning, Finland. What are you doing in my bed? Aiyo, it's really comfy, isn't it? Yeah, I think so, too... [ Laughs as scratches her belly. ... Wait a second.

Where are... her clothes... ]

Wah! [ In her surprise, she falls off the edge of the bed, grabs the covers, rolls on floor and wraps herself in the sheets in one fluid motion. Okay, no, I was lying about the fluid bit, but it was definitely fast. Now she's going to try and ask him to leave politely, because that's what a sensible person would do. ]

Stupidhead! Jerkface! Pervert! Give it back! Haaaah!

[ THROWS ALL THE THINGS except this scrumptious-looking dinner these nice people prepared for her on the table mmm she takes a few bites out of that and THROWS ALL THE THINGS AGAIN ]
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
07 August 2011 @ 07:38 pm

Hi, everyone! It was Qixi yesterday, you know. Qixi! [ She pronounces it more clearly. ] Qixi is like, hmm... like Tanabata or, or Valentine's Day! Yeah, that's more like it. It's a day when everyone gives everyone else chocolates and flowers and chocolates and, and other neat things and chocolates, and they go on dates under the full moon and it's like that Teresa Teng song and then they kiss and say I love you and-

Oh! Hehe, right. Anyway, on that day, people usually write their wishes of love down and hang them up so that they'll be granted love and happiness! Or something like that. [ Suddenly, she is sad. ] I didn't want that day to pass with a lot of people being lonely...

[ Back to her usually cheery self! ] So I thought that everyone should get another shot at it! Drop by 1245 Williams Road and I'll see what I can do.


[ Taiwan has something set up in front of her house. There is a table with a box in the center with piles of strips of paper and some pens in front. The box is covered in cute heart stickers and labeled WISHING BOX. There's a small slit at the top for people to submit slips of paper to. If you plan on stealing any of these things, tough luck. Taiwan will be here all day, manning the place, smiling sweetly at you all the while. Yeah...

Everyone make wishes so she can go read them in the evening and play cupid already. ]
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
23 July 2011 @ 03:53 pm

Um, ehehe! Wei, it's Taiwan... If anyone heard anything about me um, kissing other people and stuff a week ago, let's just forget about it, okay? I'll forget about whatever you said, too! You probably forgot about it, though, but just in case you remember... Ah, but if it's a good thing, then you can be sure that I'm definitely remembering it! [ You can't see it, but she nods. ] Mm. Yeah!

[ oh gaaaasp ] I forgot! Um, I was wondering... how can you tell if someone's a vampire? I have to know. It's important!

[ wait she's not finished ] Ohhh, wait! I was thinking about this the other day, you know! Mayfield... doesn't have a Chinese restaurant. [ says it like it's the most depressing thing ever ] So I thought, hey! Maybe I should open one up! But I don't have a place where I can set it up. I could use the basement, but Japan keeps all his weird stuff there. [ haha weird ] Ah, but I'd have to worry about where to get the ingredients, too. Aiya...


[ She got her clothes back in the mail today! You don't know how happy this makes her.

A Taiwan usually goes out looking like this. But why is she making the extra effort to look good? Why is she in such a good mood? Why is she on her way to Bunker Street? And why does she look so serious when she finally gets there?

She's on a mission... shhhshshhshh only background music now. ]

[ B But sometimes, she also goes out wearing shirts like this. Not necessarily with long sleeves, mind you. I mean, in this weather? That's stupid.

... Why is she kicking the gumball machine outside the grocery... ]

Eating coins is bad!

[ Oh. ]

[ C In the afternoon, Taiwan passes by the building of the Zemekis Corps. Offices. She stands there for a while, hands on her hips. Then, she points at the building and shouts, ]

I'm on to you!
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
04 July 2011 @ 09:35 pm
[ A Taiwan - no, Xiaomei is standing where Japan, no, Kiku usually is, sweeping the front yard and setting up the cafe early in the morning. She is dressed in one of the more conservative costumes that cover more skin. ... She doesn't know how she got pulled into this whole gimmick, her husband put her up to this, okay. Oh, the things she does for love. ]

Good morning! Nice weather this year, isn't it? [ instead of the usual "Hi!" or "Zao an!" ]

[ B Shaved ice. Shaved ice. Was that even a thing? She just wants some right now. On a whim, she takes a trip to the grocery, walking briskly along the aisles for toppings: taro, azuki beans, grass jelly, anything--

She slows down to a stop in aisle 12. ]

Ah... What was I looking for again?

[ Well, she has a can of condensed milk in one hand and some strawberries in the other. Can anyone give her ideas?

Alternatively, you may have bumped into her on her search! ]

[ C After tucking her three darling little angels in bed (and it's definitely not strange, how she is eighteen and he is twenty-five and their children are at least twelve, heavens no!) Xiaomei has a cup of coffee while propped up on her bed, reading a book she's certainly never touched. It's hard to focus on the text when what Shiki said this morning still bothers her. ]

Are they really trying to kill us? ... That's silly. [ She takes a sip of coffee. It's salty. Strange, she thinks she's never done that before...

Feel free to call her, the phone is on the nightstand. ]

(ooc: Just did this, so I'll be retconning some of her characterization slightly! Not that there's much to change... but shh okay this is a thing I am working on starting now.)
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
09 June 2011 @ 03:02 pm
[ A phone ]

Hi! Um, I know last week's been rough, but... Smiling makes you look younger, so everyone should smile! I like sad stories too, you know, but crying all the time's no good at all. Hmm, I know! The new ferris wheel in Mayfield should cheer you up. School's out already, isn't it? The... the Mayfield Eye is at 1245 Williams Road, so I'll see you there, okay? [ And just to make things interesting... ] Couples get discounts!

There's another thing I want to ask. Ah, mm... Does anyone want to get milkshakes with me?

[ B action, 1245 Williams Road, morning

Oh my god oh my god you guys. There it is. It's not as big as the London Eye, but a slightly smaller version of Taiwan's own Kaohsiung Eye can be see behind the house at 1245 Williams Road. Well, it's the Mayfield Eye now... and it's kind of hard to miss. The cosplay cafe is still closed - that's Japan's gimmick after all - but Taiwan's in front of the house in one of Japan's many cute costumes herself, carrying a huge sign that says "FERRIS WHEEL RIDES - $5" in cute handwriting with Hello Kitty drawings on the side. If you pass by, she'll come up to the front and smile sweetly at you as she holds the sign up. ]

[ What the cabins look like. Just so you know. It has pillows inside, too. Yep. At the base of the ferris wheel, there are the usual "You must be this tall to ride" signs, as well as another that says "Nooooo stripping!" Maybe she doesn't want a repeat of this episode. ]

[ C action, park, noon

The ride is closed for now, so after lunch, Taiwan will be sitting here in this tire swing, eating an ice pop and relaxing. Yep. ]

Ah, busy, busy... I shouldn't sleep, but the weather makes it so hard!

[ There's a straw hat on her head - she's thinking of putting it on her face and taking a short nap in this heat. She blows the bangs off her face, but they just fall back. Grr. Blows them off again!! And they fall back again... She keeps doing this. It's not like she has anything better to d--no, she's not stuck again, haha, w-what makes you say that... ]

[ D action, 1245 Williams Road, night

The ferris wheel at night. It's only right that it lights up rainbow, okay. Neighbors might want to complain about the bright lights. The sign is up front, meaning the ferris wheel is still open for business. Taiwan's there, too, though it looks like she's killing time by playing jackstones by herself on the front porch. Hold on, those aren't jacks... she's using beanbags. She's playing otedama. ]

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台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
27 May 2011 @ 07:01 pm

Anyone who believes this letter is a stupidhead.

It's a lie... It's all a lie, you know. They can't give you what you want!

[ Her wish is too much for them to grant, and that's all she has to say on the matter. ... Wait. ]

filtered to all positive CR Taiwan has;

Stay safe, okay? If you need any help, I can give it to you, you know! So... if you're in really deep trouble, tell me right away and I'll be there. I will!

action; 1245 Williams Road (locked to housemates)

[ Taiwan is in her room, loading her handgun and she doesn't even try to hide it. She holds the gun firmly in her hand for one moment, but loosens her grip, frowns and worries. She doesn't want to take another person's life if she can help it, but if it means protecting those who mean so much to her - twenty-three million people of her people, and then some - then she'll do what it takes.

The door is open. If anyone comes by to check on her, ]

Yes? [ She'll change her mood and smile softly. It's genuine and a little sad. ]
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
09 May 2011 @ 07:32 am

Um, hello! It's a little late, but... I wanna thank everyone who voted me for Prom Queen! And as your queen, I...! [ and now she's sounding less regal ] I know it's only a one night thing, but I wanna give something back in return. I got a lot of them back, though, and I don't think I can finish them all... [ yeah right taiwan ]

Right, right! I heard it was Mother's Day in America today. I don't have a mama, but you gotta be extra nice to yours this year, okay?


[ A At home, 1245 Williams Road, getting ready for her trip around town. She's fixing up the stacks of boxes she has to give away and doing a lot more work than she should on Mother's Day! Do you want to come over? Or if you're already here, you might want to stop her, tell her to take a break.

She's humming random pop songs while tying ribbons. Bother? ]

[ B Taiwan is on her scooter with some boxes of pineapple cake she regained on her way to Hong Kong's house to borrow the cutest puppy ever. If she knows you, she'll stop along the way and give you some cake, too. ]

Wei! Stop right there, please!

[ C It doesn't matter if you're a stranger or not. She's on your doorstep with the cutest puppy ever and a box of pineapple cake, yeah. ]

Hi! I got a lot of these from the post office today, but I can't eat them all, so here! I sell a lot of these back home; they're really delicious. [ Baozi barks happily. ]

[ D At the gas station, getting some gas. ... Obviously. To make this option more interesting, she totally zoomed in without a care, probably past you. You might also notice how pink and covered in Hello Kitty stickers her scooter is. ]

Aiyo, everyone's been so nice lately... I wonder what's up? [ chuckles ] Well, I guess this is good!
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
[ phone; filtered from Nena Trinity because she doesn't want to die sob ]

Um! Um, so I heard about this prom king and queen a long time ago, and I thought really long and hard about it... There were a lot of factors I considered, and um, it was a difficult decision to make, but now I've decided!


Taiwan is running for prom queen!

There's some tough competition out there, but I'll work hard and give it my all, you know!

[ action ]

[ A Using her door-to-door saleswoman job for something other than selling makeup again jeez Taiwan. After she rings your doorbell, she hides her campaign posters behind her back and smiles sweetly at you. ]

Hi! You're going to the prom, right? For girls, it's a night that they'll remember for the rest of their lives, you know? It'd be really nice if you could make that night something special...

[ N-no she already has a date, but please vote for her... ]

[ B So she finds out that everyone voted for everyone else already! Life is unfair! Why is life unfair! Life is so hard, she makes frustrated sounds and


then sits on the sidewalk all hunched up as she pouts at everything. Don't worry, she'll be fine in a while, just let her sulk for a few minutes. ): ]
台灣 ❀ TAIWAN ✿ 林曉梅 ❀ Xiǎom​éi​ Lín
18 April 2011 @ 07:35 am
[ phone ]

Hi! If anyone still wants to try out the bubble tea on the menu at the cosplay cafe, they'll only be on the menu while stocks last, so if you're too late after you hear this, that's not my fault anymore, okay?

But hey, I heard something about a prom? Wah, it sounds like so much fun! Who's going? I think I am. Yep, definitely. I think it'd be really cool if I got to go with prince or something like that. Like the ones in Goong. [Now she's a little depressed.] ... only Korea knows what I'm talking about again... [Then she remembers!] Ah, are there any princes in Mayfield? Can anyone ask for me!?

I have to get something to wear, too. Mm, there's so much to do, I wonder if I can make it...

[ action ]

[ Prom means snazzy clothes. The Doctor does not have any. Taiwan knows this. So later on in the day after her phone call, you'll find the two doing the following: ]

[ A Taiwan pulling the Doctor by the wrist as they go window shopping. ]

Wow... Look, look! I think this one will really make jiejie fall for you! [ She taps on the glass. What she's pointing at looks awfully flashy... ]

[The Doctor is being pulled, perhaps slightly against his will, and looking confused as to how the hell he got into this situation.]

Are you quite sure that's what she likes? I mean... I don't know, does anyone even know what she likes? ...Is that something that people like? Because it's really... [awful] Well, I mean it's... very... really... something.

It'll make the Doctor really something!

Well, something is a word for it.

under this cut: shirtless doctor and hipster doctor and other things )

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